The Toymaker's bench for Pinocchio, made to look like a traditional workbench but fitted with retractable wheelset and space inside to hide the dancer until he emerges through the top.


This was made to get over the problem of a need for an onstage staircase but without taking up too much stage space. The centre column attaches to steeldeck rostra, replacing the corner leg and the 10 steps clamp on individually. This means any height up to 8 ft can be accommodated and any step radial spacing.



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Built for Mack and Mabel. The director wanted to fly Mack above the action with his megaphone. The contemporary apparatus would be complicated and costly so a simple counter-balanced mechanism was constructed.

The chair can reach a height of 12ft and the whole assembly is able to run onstage and rotate, a bit daunting to row A in the auditorium!

Because of the weights involved it does require a couple of experienced crew and good communication and cooperation with the actor/victim.


Built as a touring prop for a professional ballet company’s production of The Little Mermaid, the boat had to fit into a Luton Van. It needed to be shipwrecked by the dancers as part of the choreography, the bow later doubling as a cauldron.




Four different sized and shaped triangular wheeled frames with removable columns and interlinking flats.

Originally created for a tour of Swan Lake and later adapted for Aladdin and again for The Wizard of Oz.