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The ‘essential’ set pieces for Legally Blonde – court room, shower room, caravan and shop/changing room.

The court and shower are back to back on a truck for quick scene change. 


Caravan                         9ft 4in (2.8m) x 3ft (0.9m) x 7ft 4in (2.2m) high

Shop (2)                         3ft 9in (1.2m) x 2ft 4in (0.7m) x 6ft (1.8m) high

Court/Shower room        6ft 6in (2m) x 5ft (1.5m) (truck) x 7ft (2.1m) high

                                       (wall 8ft (2.4m) long)



I can’t claim the credit for this one, set builders at Rugby Theatre modified an old Cortina shell for their production of Made in Dagenham. It is the front half, ie cut behind the front doors, mounted on castors.

8ft (2.4m) long,  5ft 6in (1.6m) wide,  4ft 6in (1.4m) high. It weighs approx 200kg.

Also available for Made in Dagenham - six sewing machines and tables, various signs




When I was asked my thoughts on how to achieve the dramatic ending to Act 1 of The Railway Children I decided the only answer was a copy of the real thing. It is based on an L&Y J25 loco and is the front 8ft, life-size, more than enough to scare Bobby!

In round numbers the dimensions are 7ft (2.1m) wide, 10ft (3m) long and 12ft (3.7m) high.

1950'S CAR

about the car....



For a medium sized stage a proper American car with its giant wings and chrome is impractical for a production of Grease. Thinking of alternatives, I reasoned that Kenickie wouldn’t have been able to afford one anyway! The 1950s was the birth of the American Hot Rodding scene and one of the cars they were rodding was the pre-war Ford Model A. This was the basis for my Grease Lightnin’. If desired, as part of the dance number, the wheels can be changed from old to new and the engine from black to chrome, just like in the film.

5ft 6in (1.6m) wide, 10ft 8in (3.2m) long.




The bleachers are of a steel and wood construction and can carry a lot of dancers in full flow.  Made to run on a split level stage but are easily modified to stand alone.

12ft (3.7m) wide, 6ft 8in (2m) high but could be built as 8ft (2.4m) wide.